We carry a variety of Rock Products for your residential, commercial or industrial applications.  We can ship anywhere in the United States or you're welcome to visit us in Fillmore, Utah to pick up any supplies you need.

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Characteristics: Softer. Less Dense. Unique. Decorative.
Uses/Applications: Landscaping; Paving; Garden Paths; Decoration; Construction Aggregate; Pebble; Chips; Gravel; Aquariums; Floor Pots; Boulders; & More.

Characteristics: Lightweight, Porous, Abrasive.
Uses/Applications: Baseball Fields; Soil Conditioning; Concrete Sand; Slurry Seal; Cinder Blocks; Road Chip; Landscaping; Aquarium Gravel; Precast Blend; Light-weight Concrete; Sewer Drainfield Rock, Filtration Systems, Road Base; & More.

Characteristics: Lightweight, Porous, Abrasive.
Uses/Applications: Lightweight Concrete; Landscaping; Soil Conditioning; Precast, Block, & Cultured Stones; Cinder Blocks; Filters; Aquaponics; Garden Decoration; Paving Stone; Bonsai Soil; Chia Seeds; & More.

Characteristics: Colorful, Smooth, Variety of Sizes.
Uses/Applications: Pea Gravel; Landscaping; Bagged Products; Graves; Boulders; Walkways; Driveways; Pools; Aquariums; & More.

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